Root success

Screenshot of SRSRoot process

Rooting the phone is a very simple process.

How to root Hwawei G526-L22Edit

11. Pobierz SRSRoot z here

2. Install SRSRoot.

3. Install USB drivers for your phone.

4. Make sure you have turned on "usb debug" and "unknown sources"

5. While phone is on, connect it to the computer via USB (I had mine set on "USB storage device" mode and root went fine.

6. Open SRSRoot on computer

7. Click on "Root Device (All Methods)"

8. Progress will be shown in the right window as per screenshot.

9. When it gets to "select 'FRODO' or 'ARAGORN' or 'LEGOLAS' on your device, then click OK" go to your know and select "GANDALF". (Don't ask me why. Someone on WP said ARAGORN didn't work and GANDALF worked with another root process so I used it too and it worked)

10. Let it finish and it's done.

11. Check that you have "superuser" installed.



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